The Magic of Life: Connection, Change, and Choice

Not long ago some children I know asked me if I believe in God. This is what I wanted to say to them, and what I will say to them when they get older.

I believe in what I can see and feel with my senses and my emotions. I believe in my power as an individual to shape my world for good or bad through the choices I make.

The two undeniable truths of life are connection and change. We are connected to everything else in this world. Everything in this world is always changing.

To deny or resist our connection to everything that is, is to isolate ourselves. Through this isolation we experience the pain and suffering of life.

To deny or resist the change inherent in everything that is, is to attempt to block the flow of life’s energy. When we block the flow of life, we give a little death to everything.

We can choose to see the beauty, we can choose to see the ugly. Or we can choose to see what is.

All of what makes us individuals, we share with the rest of the world: air, water, heat, light, and the remaining bits and pieces which we can call ‘earth’. We are constantly sharing or recycling these parts of our bodies which we call ‘me’.

And what of the pieces of ‘me’ that I cannot see, that I can only feel? What about spirit? Is there no magic at all in life?

From what I have felt in life, I believe we share spirit as well. When someone we love dies or is away from us, part of them remains. A part of them that we can’t grasp with any of our senses. But they linger in our minds and emotions. Something reminds us of them and we smile or cry, even though they may have been gone for many years. They are with us still.

And what of the undeniable connection we feel with certain people that we have just met, or with whom we spend very little time, but yet we feel an instant kindred spirit like long lost siblings or lovers? There is too much evidence for this in my life to deny it. And why would I want to? I long for these feelings, these connections.

When we are born, we are assembled from the shared pieces of the world, and especially the shared spirit, the shared energy. When we die, we decompose and share these elements and spirit with the world again. In this way we never die. And we are never alone. We’ve always been, and will always be. Beautiful.

There is no heaven and hell. There is only the heaven and hell that we create for ourselves here and now. We choose to shape our lives by the choices we make each day. We choose what we want to believe and what we do not want to believe.

Since I choose what I want to believe, I believe in the beauty and limitless wonder of life! I am life itself, life flows through me and I direct and am directed by life! The reality I create with life is wonderful!

I can do or have anything I set my mind upon. But if I am wise, I choose what makes me happy, what I enjoy. And I pay little attention to what I do not like.

Every day I hope to see the connection of everything that is. I hope to appreciate the change that I see. I hope to realize and be in line with the flow of life. I hope to hear the rhyme and intuit a reason.

I am thankful for my life, and this moment, this body, and this mind. I’m thankful for these opportunities for adventure and exploration, and for these people to play with. And for these moments.

I breathe in, out. Here, now. I smile, I’m joyful, I’m happy I’m alive! I am an infinite being, infinitely interconnected to all living beings and the environment. I am selfless, without a solid self. I’m impermanent, in an impermanent world. I am free from death.

I believe in personal responsibility. I can change the world by changing myself. I vow to be impeccable with my word, to use my magic for the good, to not take anything anyone does or says personally because it reflects their own dream, to not assume anything, to ask questions, to seek the truth, and to try my best at everything I do. I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

I am divine love, I create my own reality.

These ideas are nothing new. The Buddha spoke of them, and I’m sure Jesus did also. I do not believe in a God in heaven and a Devil in hell. I believe in the truth. And as the truth unfolds before me, I will choose to believe what I will.

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