“Was the Covid-19 Virus Ever Isolated?” Monday March 13 at 6:00p at the Center for Living Well in Iola, WI

Was the Covid-19 Virus Ever Isolated?

Monday March 13 at 6:00p at the Center for Living Well in Iola, WI

According to Dr Mark Bailey, Dr Sam Bailey, Dr John Bevan-Smith, and Dr Andrew Kaufman, “COVID-19 is a fraud because its alleged causal agent, a purported novel coronavirus called, SARS-CoV-2, has not been proven to exist in nature and therefore has not been established as the cause of COVID-19. For the selfsame reason there are no variants of the “virus”, which likewise exist only hypothetically in computers, cloud-based gene banks, and in the minds of innocent people.”

“Authorities continue to use this imaginary disease to terrorise and imprison their citizens, denying them guaranteed human rights and freedoms, and violating their once inviolable bodies with highly experimental and hazardous injections that contain a computer-generated spike protein mRNA sequence that instructs the body to poison itself.”

Please read: www.tinyurl.com/37ztxsus and watch: www.tinyurl.com/37b7rjrd before attending the event.

Please RSVP Brian Brown at bbrown.nrg@gmail.com or 563-663-4053 at least 24 hours before the event. $10

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