The Wisdom of the Ill

When someone gets sick they are labeled
With the stamp of their condition
They are told that this is their destination
They are suddenly described by a few words
Assumptions are made about them based upon these words
They become these words

But soon the sick come to realize 
That their condition is merely a stop on the journey
A tunnel or a bridge that the road goes through
Or rapids or falls that the water must traverse

They also realize that with some help
Only the body can heal itself

The infirm are given vessels to fill
“Fill these vessels”
They are told
And they gladly fill them
Buckets and pans
Their belly and veins
And spine and brains

The unwell lay still
For long periods of time
And sometimes
They are not conscious for weeks and a day

And when one is still
One can focus the mind
One lets go of everything
One can see what is simple and important
One can solve all the problems of the world
And one is at peace

And when one is not conscious for weeks and a day
One enters the world of dreams and spirit
One travels through space
And among layers of time
Faster than thought and light
With friends old and new
Learning and healing

The sick are stripped bare
And left with their spirit and their will
They remember that there is only spirit 
They remember that spirit and will is all that is required
And that all that is created
Is created by will
Created by spirit

If you spend time with the ill
You will find the wisdom that you seek
And so much more


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