Show Up and Try Your Best: The Results of Three Years of Crossfit

Three years ago I posted an article about my initial experience with the exercise regimen called Crossfit. Here is the description of Crossfit from the Crossfit website: “CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other eliteContinue reading “Show Up and Try Your Best: The Results of Three Years of Crossfit”

My Vitamin C Experiment

In September of last year I began researching vitamins and I came across a few wonderful websites: Bill Sardi’s Knowledge of Health ( and Andrew Saul’s Doctor Yourself ( So, after combining suggestions from both sources and asking around a bit, I started taking the following vitamins and minerals (and eating in a much moreContinue reading “My Vitamin C Experiment”

Dealing with Rejection

I recently had the unusual pleasure of talking with two friends about their fresh experiences with being rejected by their romantic objects of interest. Friend number one, whom I shall refer to as Mannix Escobar, recently asked a lady out after having developed a severe crush on her, which he’d had for some time. TheContinue reading “Dealing with Rejection”

An Interview with Nutrition Expert Dr. Andrew W. Saul

There is an excellent interview with nutrition expert Dr. Andrew W. Saul at this link: There is also an audio download of the interview if you’d prefer to listen to the interview on your MP3 player.  Here’s that link: In this interview Dr. Saul discusses nutritional cures for cancer as outlined in aContinue reading “An Interview with Nutrition Expert Dr. Andrew W. Saul”