Community Healing at the Center for Living Well in Iola, WI in the month of October M-F 4:00p-9:00p & Weekends 9:00a-6:00p

Community Healing is a donation-only healing service where healers in the community come together to work with those in need.

As we come out of the last several difficult years of covid we see a lot of people struggling with PTSD, anxiety, & depression. Research supports the use of hands-on healing for these difficult conditions: In the article ‘Healing Touch for PTSD in returning active duty military’, military researchers found healing touch to be an effective treatment for PTSD. In the article ‘Efficacy of energy therapy in relieving anxiety and pain in patients undergoing lumbar spine surgery’, researchers found that energy therapy “demonstrated a significant reduction in post-operative pain & anxiety’.

Brian Brown has been studying hands-on healing for the past 12 years with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church and has done healing work with many different organizations. Please RSVP Brian at 24 hours in advance of your desired time.

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