“The Energy Healing for Cancer Workshop”, Monday March 21 at 6:00pm at the Center for Living Well in Iola, WI

“The Energy Healing for Cancer Workshop”

Monday March 21 at 6:00pm at the
Center for Living Well
148 N Main St, Iola, WI 54945

According to Giovanni Maciocia, one of the most highly respected practitioners of Chinese medicine in the West, the root of cancer in Chinese Medicine is Qi (or Energy) deficiency. Energy deficiency leads to cancer development and is a cause of cancer recurrence; this is the reason why many cancer recovery centers offer different forms of energy healing and qigong to patients during and after cancer treatment. While not recognized in the West, energy healing can also be used to treat cancer patients.

Internationally acclaimed healer Rosalyn Bruyere describes the effect of energy healing on cancer in her book ‘Wheels of Light‘ as follows: ‘To a healer a breast tumor feels as if it is melting under his hands. It is not actually melting; it has begun to dedifferentiate. Transformation at a cellular level is the healer’s goal.’

In his fascinating book ‘A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung‘ author Daniel Reed describes a group of energy healing practitioners working on a cancer patient: ‘The patient was treated with emitted chi [energy] by four therapists. Within minutes, the tumor began to dissolve, and by the end of the treatment, it could barely be detected. Ten days later, after several more treatments, the patient was checked again, and the cancer had completely disappeared.’

Brian Brown has studied energy healing with Rosalyn Bruyere D.D. for almost 12 years and volunteered with cancer patients at the Iowa Mind Body Institute in the Wendt Cancer Center in the UnityPoint Health/Finley Hospital under Dr. Bobby Koneru for a year and a half. Please RSVP Brian at bbrown.nrg@gmail.com for this hands-on event. $10

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