Fish Oil Slows or Prevents Macular Degeneration

In a December 2013 article from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service entitled ‘Something’s Fishy About Macular Degeneration Fish Oil Studies‘ author Bill Sardi debunks a recent National Eye Institute study by laying out the vast amount of evidence that points to the efficacy of fish oil supplements in slowing or preventing macular degeneration.

According to Wikipedia, “Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a medical condition which usually affects older adults and results in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field (the macula) because of damage to the retina. It occurs in “dry” and “wet” forms. It is a major cause of blindness and visual impairment in older adults (>50 years). Macular degeneration can make it difficult or impossible to read or recognize faces, although enough peripheral vision remains to allow other activities of daily life.”

According to Sardi’s article, another recent article in the journal PharmNutrition found that “fish oil didn’t just slow down the insidious progression of this eye disease, it restored vision to every patient placed on high-dose fish oil. It was therapeutic and curative, not just preventive.”

Sardi goes on to say that “the study is so convincing, especially when combined with all of the positive fish oil studies conducted over the last decade, eye physicians would now be derelict in their duty not to recommend every long-living senior adult to consume more fish, or better yet – take concentrated fish oil capsules, if they want to maintain their sight throughout their retirement years.”

Sardi concludes the article with the following statements:

“Except for one “fishy” study, all other human clinical fish oil studies published over the past 13 years indicate fish oil slows down or prevents macular degeneration, a sight-robbing condition that affects central vision used for reading, driving and face recognition. The latest published study was more momentous than prior studies as it didn’t just show fish oil slows down the progression of the disease; it actually began to restore vision to patients within days of starting a daily regimen of high-dose fish oil capsules.”


The entire text of this article is available here.

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