Big Tree

Big Tree stands tall
And reaches her hands to touch the sky
She waves them ever-so-gently in the breeze
Saying hello to the wind

Her feet are rooted firmly into the ground
She is the Earth

Before she waves her hands
And says hello to the wind
She leans into the gust
Just the slightest bit
Daring the breath of the world
To blow her down

In the fall of the year
When the light shrinks low
She lets go of her needles
So that the air might pass by more easily
And so that she can have the perfect soil
For her feet to rest in

Big Tree breathes in my breath
And I breathe in hers

Her scent carries in the air
Her voice is audible the closer you get to her

The closer you get to her
The closer you want to get to her

To lean up against her is to feel her strength
To feel safe and protected
No matter the weather

She takes all of your cares away
If you let her

When the sun disappears in the autumn
And the stars peek out from the darkness
I sneak out and stand next to Big Tree
And there is no better feeling in the world

It’s as if I am absorbed into her bark
With only my eyes
Peering out beyond her surface
And I am transported far away and long ago
To some place that I’ve always known
Back in the beginning
So many lifetimes ago

To hug Big Tree is a mystifying thing
Because you don’t expect a tree to hug you back
But she does

And I don’t want to let go — EVER

When I hug Big Tree
My joints and muscles go limp
And it feels like she picks me up
And takes me for a walk across the hills
Like a baby in a giant’s arms I become!

Sometime later
(I don’t remember when)
She puts me down
And I look around
Remembering where I’m at
And what time it is

And I sneak back to my bedroom
And sleep like a log until morning
When I recall the strangest of dreams


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