Japanese Agency in Charge of Fukushima Disaster Workers Recommends Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment and Prevention and Protection from Radiation Damage

The Fukushima nuclear plant disaster is one of the worst nuclear plant disasters in world history.  The Japanese have thrown essentially limitless resources at the problem and have come up with the following solution for protecting plant workers and the affected population from radiation damage and subsequent cancers.

In a presentation entitled ‘Effect of Vitamin C and anti-oxidative nutrition on radiation-induced gene expression in Fukushima nuclear plant workers‘ Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D. from the Japanese College of IV Therapy (JCIT) states that Vitamin C is a protector against internal and external radiation and that oral intake of vitamin C prevents radiation-induced DNA damage in humans.

The JCIT Working Group is composed of the following experts from around the world:

Atsuo Yanagisawa MD
Burtonn E. Burkson MD
Ronald Hunninghake MD
Thomas Levy MD
Masashi Uwabu MD
Bradford S. Weeks MD
Steven Hickey PhD

The JCIT Working Group made the following proposal at the end of this presentation:

Maintaining optimal anti-oxidation reserve by taking Vitamin C and other anti-oxidative nutrition is essential for cancer prevention and treatment, anti-aging, radiation-protection, and optimum health.

The JCIT Working Group also recommended the following supplement regimen:

Vitamin C: 1-3 g: 3-4 times a day  (or Liposomal Vitamin C: 1-2g: twice a day) Alpha-lipoic acid: 100-300 mg: twice a day Selenium: 50-200 micrograms: twice a day Vitamin E: 100-200 mg: twice a day (along with other essential vitamins and minerals)   This presentation included before and after photos of a woman with stage 4 stomach cancer who was treated with i.v. Vitamin C and followed the above supplement regimen:  

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