A Monk for a Time

I am a monk for a time
Driven by the whims of the wind
At a time in my life
When the world calls for it

So I cut my hair short
And I shave my face clean
And I simplify my garb and my grub

I rise with the sun
On these cold spring mornings
And listen to the early birds’ song
In the trees outside my window

My voice is quiet
My words are few
My actions are slow
My mind is too

I walk slowly in the sun
In the rain and the wind
Observing every detail
That draws me to it

And in the still of my being
I can hear the voice of all that is
And I am reminded of my purpose
And what is important in life

I gather pieces of Mother Earth
Stones to stack
Sticks to crack
And anything that lacks
My hand to hold it

And into my pockets they goes
Or with my hands I throws

Splash! into the water
Or rolling down the hill
Or stacked neatly and clean
As if from the neighborhood leprechaun

My affirmations are mumbled
My meditations are explored
My scribbles are scratched
My exercises are danced

As I sink down deep into this alone time
I am grateful for this opportunity

For I am especially thankful to see you again
My children, my family, my friends

And to you my lover unknown
I look forward to meeting you
To gaze into your infinite eyes with admiration and respect
And to learn to love you like family
And to hold you close in the quiet whispers under starlight

And to forget what it was
To be a monk for a time

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