Feminine Energy, the Goddess, and Mother Earth

At it’s finest level, everything is made of energy.  Our scientists and our religious leaders agree at least on this one point.

In simplistic terms, feminine energy pulls and gives birth.  Masculine energy pursues and pushes.  A balance of feminine and masculine energy is very important.

Both women and men have feminine and masculine energy.  Ideally both women and men would have an ideal balance of both energies.

In our day to day lives feminine energy attracts people and situations to ourselves.  Masculine energy breaks through barriers and pushes things out of the way.

All energy contains information.  Feminine energy allows the information it contains to be easily received on the other end.  Masculine energy conveys very little information.

For example, let’s say that I’m trying to get my sleepyhead child out of bed on a school morning and I say the following in a soft, loving voice:  “My dearest love, would you please arise from your slumber and come down for breakfast?”  This is feminine energy speech.  It pulls the receiver in close and gives them a warm hug.  The child hears everything that is said and also feels respected and loved by me. 

On the other hand, if I yell at the top of my voice to the child: “If you don’t get out of that bed right now, I’m going to come up there and drag you down to this breakfast table, and you don’t want that — COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!”  This is masculine energy speech.  It pushes the receiver and smacks them in the head.  Consequently almost none of the information is received.  The child hears me yelling and knows that I’m angry and also feels no respect or love from me.  Even if I added some pertinent information to the yelling such as “GIANT BARS OF CHOCOLATE AND NEW VIDEO GAMES ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!”, the only thing the child would hear is “BLAH BLAH BLAH YELLING, DAD IS ANGRY!!”

I think if we chose to use feminine energy more often that our world would be a happier place.

A wise person once said that feminine energy holds the world and the universe together.

Feminine energy is the pull of gravity.  Feminine energy is attraction. 

Particles of energy join together by attraction to form substance.  As more energy or substance gathers, gravity increases and new worlds are formed in the process.  This is how the universe and the Earth were formed!

Without gravity our existence would be an immense field of randomly dispersed energy particles.  Without feminine energy we simply would not be.

There is an old story that you’ve never heard.  It’s older than any story that you’ve ever heard.  It goes something like this:

In the beginning there was the great circle of all creation, the Creatress Mother, the Goddess.  The Creatress Mother gave birth to all existence.  Within the great circle was born the Creator Father.  And thus creation was balanced.  Together this perfectly balanced circle of the Creatress and the Creator shaped and birthed all of life.

A long time ago, humans were deeply integrated with life and they were not separate from the Creatress and the Creator.  They did not need a complex religion to learn about the Creatress and the Creator.  Nor did they need a special human being of a complex religion to communicate to the Creatress and the Creator for them.  This would have been a ridiculous idea at the time, for humans could communicate directly with the Creatress and the Creator themselves.

During this time women and men were in balance.

All women were trained to be warrioresses, just as men were.  Rather than trying to match men’s strength, women balanced their strength with their knowledge of and skill with weapons.  A bow and arrow in the hands of a skilled woman was a great equalizer to the strength and ferocity of a man, just like today a gun is a great equalizer in the hands of a skilled woman.

Women were priestesses and healers, just as men were priests and healers.  There was no arbitrary rule saying that women could not be priestesses or healers.  In fact, there was no arbitrary rule saying that spirituality must be separate from medicine.  Spirituality and medicine were closely tied together.

Hopefully the following question proves the point that spirituality and medicine are intimately intertwined.

What is different between the following two bodies?  (1) A body that is alive.  (2) The same body that was alive but is now dead because it was poisoned, and now all of the poison has been removed.

The difference is spirit or the energy of life.  Women and men long ago took this for granted.  Today, we separate spirit from life in our hospitals and health care systems.  We treat people like complex machines that can be fixed by highly educated plumbers that we call doctors.

Spirit is the energy and the intelligence that holds our bodies together, just as it holds our world together.  Spirit is a feminine energy that we cannot deny!

Women priestesses and healers and men priests and healers were also trained to be warrioresses and warriors.  For it was taught that only when you intimately know what it is to take a life will you know for certain how delicate and precious life really is and then you will respect it all the more so.

During this time the first democracy was created, the great Circle of Law.  There were many different leadership positions in the Circle of Law.  The primary requirement for these leadership positions was that each would be held by both a woman and a man at the same time.

For it was thought that, as with the balance of the Creatress Mother and the Creator Father, the balance of the female and the male in life and in the individual was natural and created harmony.

The most honorable pursuit at this time was knowing the self, respecting the self, and loving the self by finding balance within the self.  And the only requirement for this was to realize one’s connection to Mother Earth and all that is.  Nothing more.

Some time just before the Dark Ages evil men conspired in secret and went about destroying all knowledge of the Creatress Mother throughout the entire world.   An endless count of dead bodies piled up in the wake of this destruction.

The balance of life shifted.

Women lost their balanced position of power and respect.  Women were no longer allowed to be priestesses.  Women were no longer allowed to be warrioresses.  The Circle of Law was broken and women were no longer allowed to be involved in whatever detritus that remained of the broken circle.

Women became slaves.

Women were killed for being outspoken or for disobeying their families and husbands.  Religions were created that specifically stated that women were less than men.  Religions were created that specifically stated that women would be the slaves of men.  These religions still exist today.

In the year 1920 the tide began to shift.  In one so-called ‘free’ country women were granted the right to vote by law.

And so we stand at the edge of a new era and the question is:  Will balance be returned to the world?

Can we continue to deny the existence of the Creatress Mother?  Will we continue to enslave women around the world?  Will we deny all of the gifts our Mother Earth has given us and especially our most precious gift of life?

Will we fight for the absolute freedom of our children so that they can be free to create whatever wondrous things their hearts desire?

Touch Mother Earth and feel your freedom.  Touch Mother Life and know yourself.

~ Many thanks to my teachers Rosalyn Bruyere and Ken Weintrub and also to Hyemeyohsts Storm for his life-changing book  “Lighteningbolt“.

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