The Night You Were Born

The night you were born
The full moon rose like the nearest star
In the east
In the darkness
Halfway between noon and midnight
Casting a faint shadow
On the snow covered world
Upon which we dwell
And a rose rainbow
Circled her rim
She was wrapped up in a bow
Just for you

The snow that day was heavy and wet
And I saw a possum
Walking around in daylight
Going in circles
Trying to find his way home

The night before
We were all gathered
Under one roof
By the chance of a storm
A thick layer of snow anew
Christmas had come early
And we laughed and ate
And told stories of you
And your new sister
Who you will meet next year

The night you were born
Was the darkest night of the year
It was the beginning of a new year
So many years ago
It was the night of hope
They used to say
It was the most sacred of days
Before they took it away
It was the winter solstice

I look forward to meeting you
Little one
For surely you will be
A light in the darkness
You will be hope
In a time of fear
You will be beauty
Encircling beauty
You will be loved

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