The Angels’ Playground

We live, you and I
In the angels’ playground

We walk in the light
With the soles of our feet on the Earth
With the faces on our heads kissed by the sun

The dirt and the smells
They continuously gather
And the wind gently blows
And tousles our carefree hair

We sneak softly in the night
And slumber then too
And dream ever-dreams
As the moon passes over
And through a forest of neverending stars

We breathe and know we are alive
And we laugh and we play
And we sing and we dance
And we marvel in awe
And we make delicious love

We bleed and we wish we were dead
And we cry and we scream
And we worry and we fear
And we hate and we plot
And we fight and we kill

As the angels look on in wonder and wanting
From their luminous seats
In the audience invisible
In the stadium unseen
In the theater divine

For there are only so many places available
In the angels’ playground

Before you can play
You must choose your meat-suit wisely
You must select your location in the world with prudence
You must pick your parents well

Do you seek peace and quiet?
Or an easy life?
Or do you prefer challenge and adventure
And lessons sublime?

The choice is yours
And you can have what you want
Every time

For to live on Earth
Is to live in heaven
And to forget
Is to live in hell

The angels know this all too well

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