An Interview with Nutrition Expert Dr. Andrew W. Saul

There is an excellent interview with nutrition expert Dr. Andrew W. Saul at this link:

There is also an audio download of the interview if you’d prefer to listen to the interview on your MP3 player.  Here’s that link:

In this interview Dr. Saul discusses nutritional cures for cancer as outlined in a book he co-authored with Dr. Michael Gonzalez and Dr. Jorge Miranda-Massari, who worked with Dr. Hugh Riordan, a specialist in orthomolecular medicine.  Dr. Saul discusses his book, “I Have Cancer, What Should I Do?”, at this link: .

Dr. Saul also mentions the nutritional cancer curing successes and recommendations of Dr. Ian Brighthope, Dr. Robert Cathcart, Dr. Abram Hoffer, and two-time nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.

Dr. Saul also discusses the work of Dr. Max Gerson who was able to cure cancer, tuberculosis and several other very serious illnesses with his nutritional approach.

Dr. Saul goes on to discuss nutritional cures for addictions such as the regimen used by Dr. Abram Hoffer to cure alcoholism. A similar nutritional regimen has been used to cure depression.

Dr. Saul finishes with a great quote from Dr. Linus Pauling: “Don’t let anyone make up your mind for you. Check and see for yourself.”

If you are skeptical of such approaches, you will enjoy Dr. Saul’s down-to-earth style, and he just might talk you into changing your nutritional habits.

Live long and prosper! 🙂

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