A Walk in Your Neighborhood

This afternoon we are enjoying a walk in your neighborhood. It is early summer and the sun shines high in the sky. The light illuminates the depth of your dark eyes. Pools of dark chocolate they are and it is a place that I enjoy getting lost in. Those eyes once so close but too far to truly understand.

Since I met you I have wondered of the places where you haunt. What environment could hold you, I wondered. What realm has shaped you. What places have been touched by you. Could there really be a trail of flowers wherever you walked?

I have thought about the look on your face as you begin your day and what you were wearing, depending upon the weather and the time of year. I imagined many smiles in many different elements. I imagined many different kinds of shoes. Many meals with friends and family, those people who I long to talk to and learn even more about you.

I also wondered what you like to eat and the things you like to read and your views on everything. Now that I have a sense of those things I realize that I wasn’t far off. It was as if I dreamt you up, but that the reality of you is so much more wonderful than anything I could have imagined.

With the greatest expectations I hoped. I set my intentions. And along the way I lost it completely.

I lost hope. I despaired. My world shattered. All unbeknownst to you. And I’m thankful you never knew.

Then I pulled my head out of the water and stared straight up at the sky and told myself that no matter what happens I will want what I want, I will feel the way I feel, I will imagine a wonderful romance with you. I will feel a love that lasts forever with you.

And if the feeling wanes or the world reveals another truth, then at least I went with the current of my heart and not against it. I don’t like dashing myself upon the rocks of life.

Truthfully the way things came together was not how I imagined. You have a sexy poker face. I could feel something, but I could not see it though I looked so hard. And you surprised me with your question and your magical words that put a spell on me — the exact thing that I had hoped to do to you. You will always have my respect for that. You are fearless! I am lucky to be by your side for so many reasons!

You live not far from a cemetery in which lie the remains of people I once knew. I tell you that I take a stroll there every now and again and you seem surprised. But it’s a beautiful cemetery and a beautiful day. So it becomes our path.

You walk like a 103 year old Buddhist master. Straight like bamboo and with sure-footed strength like a tiger. You are balancing on an invisible rope of which you are an extension of. If you fall off, you will merely stick to the rope and keep walking on it upside-down.

You emit a calm like nothing I have felt before. You are unwavering. You embody the Pali word Asamhiram. You are unshakable. You are strong and free. You are immaculate.

After walking with you for a few minutes your contagious aura has infected me and I walk at your pace and in the same manner. I look at the trees and gravestones and make note of the slight shade cast on these objects by the sun. I feel the green warmth reflected by the grass. I hear the birds. I am in no hurry. There is only the path. You and the path.

You have no airs about you. You do not draw attention to yourself. But alas, none can keep their eyes off of you!

You are driven and hard working. And you are wise beyond your years. You will succeed wherever you go in whatever you do. I admire you more than you know. In time you will know.

For a while I wonder why you have chosen me. But we are not so different. We are complementary and we can learn much from each other.

I am so happy! And it’s not that you make me happy. Together we make so much happiness! The entirety of my life has been a vortex draining me to a focus point right here with you in this place. This weird place that I’ve known all of my life.

It’s strange to learn that you have been so close by all along. But I suppose I should not be surprised as I am learning that that’s how things go in this life.

We stop just over the farthest hill from the entrance. It’s a weekday and we are playing hooky from the schedules of ordinary folk. There is no one here but us.

We step off the path under the shade of a large tree. We dispense with the the walking meditation.

You are more sly than I ever thought! You have led me here to steal the first kiss! And it’s also more wondrous than I could have imagined! I will always remember the look on your face, the knowing. And the touch of your lips and my heart pounding in my chest. And your smile and our shared laughter. And our soft, certain embrace.

I left you hours ago and I can’t stop thinking about you and us and where the future will take us together! With some luck and complete and utter exhaustion, I will get almost two hours of sleep before the sun comes up.

And during that time I will dream a lifetime of us together growing old, with babies, and far away places, and family, and laughter – ridiculous laughter, and quiet moments that I wish were slow, and learning everything there is to know about life and you, and the peaceful look of years of love and respect and trust.

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