Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer… in 1928!

In 1928, Dr. Max Gerson developed a therapy that cured many kinds of cancer. The therapy was subsequently shunned by the US medical establishment and swept under the rug.

The therapy requires the patient to switch to an organic vegetarian diet that includes hourly ingestion of fresh vegetable and fruit juices along with vitamin supplementation and liver detoxification via organic coffee enemas.

In theory and practice, the therapy is quite simple. In an ideal environment with an ideal diet, the body can overcome any disease and will remain disease-free.

However, in our time, the body is subjected to endless toxic attacks via poor diet and poisons in the environment. Due to poor diet, the body’s immune system is weakened and can not fight off disease.

So, the therapy is to fortify the body via excellent nutrition, and detoxify the body via organic coffee enemas.

I have not tried the Gerson therapy. However, I try to enjoy several pounds of juiced vegetables at least once a week. Also, I don’t prepare meat in my home, though I do prepare eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese. But my diet is far from perfect. I’m a rather lazy chef, and I juice, sprout, and take vitamins perhaps to make up for this.

I can imagine the kick of energy and well-being that the diet would provide. However, I might have a hard time with the coffee enemas (or perhaps not?).

Gerson’s therapy was denounced by the American medical community. However, there is a Gerson Hospital in Mexico and Gerson Therapy centers around the globe that strictly administer the therapy.

It’s amazing to learn that such a simple regimen can cure so many diseases!

An excellent free video describing the Gerson therapy can be found here:

An overview of the Gerson therapy can also be found at

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